About me

KC Golden here.  I am the Policy Director at Climate Solutions, a Northwest-based nonprofit trying to live up to our bodacious name. (bio here)

I’ve been a policy wonk in the public and non-profit sectors — directing the Northwest Energy Coalition in the early 90s, serving as Washington State Energy Policy Director in the mid 90’s, and as a special assistant to the Mayor of Seattle in the late 90.  I worked on many of the state policy initiatives, like Clean Cars and Emission Performance Standards, that paved the way for recent progress at the national level on improved vehicle efficiency and the first national limits on climate pollution from power plants.

Since Copenhagen and the seizing up of Congress on climate (and in general), I’ve been focused on the story, the psychology, the heroic narrative of our generation’s epic failure to come to grips with its foremost challenge……and how we’re going to emerge from it.   I am at war with cynicism, fighting it by trying to build a virtuous circle of solutions and policy progress….and trying to disrupt the vicious circle of denial and detachment.   Hence “GRIP.”

One Response to About me

  1. good for you, sounds like grip is just right!

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