Lummi: “Treaty rights are not for sale”

September 22, 2012

Seattle Times photo by Alan Berner.  Here’s the link:  Burning Opposition to Coal Trains

This check represents what the Lummi people were offered to give up their treaty rights and allow siting of a coal export terminal at Cherry Point, near Bellingham WA.

Paul Anderson, a local photographer and opponent of coal export, offered the following thoughts:

Sept. 21, 2012

“There is interesting side story to the report about the Lummi Nation opposing the proposed coal port on their ancestral lands.

Jewell James whose ancestral uncle was Chief Seattle is director of the Sovereignty and Treaty Protection Office for the Lummi Nation and is one of the most revered Lummi’s. He is an organizer on this community event.  Mr James is also a master carver and is responsible for the carving of many well know Totem and Healing Poles.

In 2002 James and the Lummi Nation delivered a 13 foot Healing Pole to a site north of New York City where the NYC Fire Department and several foundations held programs for 911 families.

In 2003 James and the Lummi Nation delivered an Honoring Pole to the Shanksville, Pennsylvania site where United Airlines Flight 93 crashed.

In 2004 James and the Lummi Nation delivered and installed Liberty and Freedom Poles in Washington D.C.’s Congressional Cemetery.

And most recently James and the Lummi Nation delivered a Healing Totem Pole to the National Library of Medicine.

Today Goldman Sachs, Berkshire Hathaway, Peabody Coal, SSA Marine, and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad want to build the largest coal shipping facility in North America on the ancestral lands of the Lummi.

I believe it is time for America to step up and support the Lummi Nation, I believe it is time for those that have been comforted by the the Healing and Honoring Poles carved by the hands of the Lummi People to pay back these kind and generous people who have given back to America time after time after time.

It is time America honor and support the Lummi People.

Please speak out and express your concerns during the scoping phase of the Environmental Impact Statement which begins Sept. 24, 2012″