Colorado incinerates, DC blows out: Is it climate disruption?

Did climate disruption cause that particular mess?

We have been fiddle-farting around with this wrong question to the point of distraction, if not lunacy.

So thank you David Roberts for grabbing the question by the scruff of the neck and talking some sense into it.  You nailed it.  Clamped and glued it.  Screwed it all the way down.  No one should ask it again.

Unless you’re in the middle of trying to extinguish Colorado or are still without power due to the freakishly intense DC thunderstorm last night, please go read David’s post.  There you will find more of this:

“If I find my kid next to an overturned glass and a puddle of milk and ask him why the milk is spilled, I don’t care about the neurons firing and the muscles contracting. That’s too proximate. I don’t care about humans evolving with poor peripheral vision. That’s too distal. I care about my kid reaching for it and knocking it over. That’s not the only level of causal explanation that is correct, but it’s the level of causal explanation that is most meaningful to me.”

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