Yergin fertilizes ecosystem of denial

I pop out of bed early on Sunday morning.  I have to get the jump on two things before my household gets moving:  solving the theme of the New York Times crossword, and responding quickly to any major climate news in the Sunday paper.

Thanks to Joe Romm, however, I can enjoy my coffee and focus on the puzzle.  Because by the time I read anything egregious in the Sunday NYT, Joe will have already eviscerated it….

…as he did with this Daniel Yergin oped, which celebrates a new, extraction-heavy energy “reality” without reference to climate (or coal, for that matter).  This is denialism by omission, all the more potent because Yergin is not a climate denier.  Ignoring climate reality in the context of informed discussion of America’s energy production arguably plays a more important role in the ecosystem of denial than active denial does.  It creates respectable intellectual habitat for the climate-destroying “all of the above” energy policy.

Romm concludes:  “Until well-informed centrists like Yergin confront the [climate] dilemma, they are essentially failing humanity in its time of greatest need to hear the truth from across the political spectrum.”

Read the rest at “Dan Yergin’s Dilemma: Energy ‘Reality’ Vs. Climate Reality

Also see Seth Kaplan’s insightful review of Yergin’s book The Quest at Doctor Yergin’s Dilemma

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