Velkommen to solutions: Going all the way in Copenhagen

Was it the end of a world hopelessly tangled in geopolitical futility?  Or the beginning of a world that might heal as a distributed, connected organism?  The logo for the 2009 Copenhagen climate summit (enhanced here with bike love) was prophetic, because it evoked both.

COP-15 may well be remembered as humanity’s big missed chance.  But the Danes aren’t just hanging around crying in their Tuborgs.

They’re riding their bikes on “cycle superhighways.”  They’re retrofitting their buildings.   They’re building wind turbines and mounting solar panels.

Copenhagen has already reduced its carbon emissions 40% since 1990, on their way to zero net carbon by 2025.  Here’s the plan, and a good Climate Wire piece in Scientific American on how it’s being implemented.

Hopenhagen lives!

One Response to Velkommen to solutions: Going all the way in Copenhagen

  1. Morten says:

    Yes, basically it’s true. But pollution (emissions) and resource consumption here in Denmark is also at the extreme end of the scale. And recently a congestion charge for Copenhagen was abandoned due to shrill protests from a car-owning popular majority (sometimes I wonder why parents kiss their kids, they might as well kick them in the head). But one positive factor : no one questions science on GW (like in the rest of Scandinavia and Europe) and the entire political spectrum is united in legislation towards emission reductions. And this is absolutely attainable for any other modern, western democracy (as if we had a choice btw). And costs are miniscule, do never ever believe otherwise!!! So come on USA, what’s keeping you?

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