Home is where the solutions are

Of all Amory Lovins’ memorable quips, this might be my favorite:   “Personal mobility is a symptom….of being in the wrong place.” 

In “Circumference of Home:  One Man’s Yearlong Quest for a Radically Local Life,”   Kurt Hoelting makes a very strong case that the Pacific Northwest is not the wrong place.  Kurt’s a commercial fisherman, a kayak guide, and a seeker who couldn’t abide the contradiction between his professed commitment to climate solutions and his fossil-fueled mobility.  So he spent a year within a 100 miles of his home on Whidbey Island, travelling by bike, foot, kayak, and public transportation.

He found a lot more than a lower carbon footprint.   He discovered something you won’t generally find in “Stabilization Wedges” or other descriptions of climate solutions.  He found home, and his story of how he got there leaves you with a strong sense that the road from here to real climate solutions starts and ends there.

Kurt’s website Inside Passages, continues his journey home, exploring the personal, political, and spiritual dimensions of climate solutions.

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