Book it: Billy and Dev’s “Making Good”

Whenever I speak at high schools or colleges, I quote Van Jones:  “Only your generation is diverse enough, loving enough, determined enough, and connected enough to meet the true moral challenge that we face.”  I believe that.  But I also feel a little like a heel when I say it — like I’m making excuses for my generation’s failure to deal!

But now I can deliver more than exhortations to Gen Next.  I tote copies of Making Good:  Finding Meaning, Money and Community in a Changing World.  

When I think of Van’s “Only your generation….” quote, I think of Billy Parish, one of the co-authors of Making Good.  He’s also a founder of Solar Mosaic, a crowd-financing tool for solar that shows how distributed solutions and social networking can disrupt old systems and dissolve barriers to energy transformation.

Making Good is a powerful antidote to cynicism and a great practical resource.  I’m sending copies to my kids and young friends.  I hope I understand half the new ways they’ll create to win collectively and thrive individually.  And for the other half, I’ll try to stay out of the way!

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