Please don’t feed the dinosaurs

$100 b-b-billion with a B

That’s a low-ball estimate of projected federal subsidies to fossil fuel companies over the next decade.  This does not of course count the costs in blood and treasure for defending oil supplies, the real and mounting costs of climate disruption, or the health impacts associated with fossil fuel addiction — all of them “subsidies” in the sense that the public bears the cost and fossil fuel industries reap the benefits.

It’s like poking ourselves in the eye with a stick.

This has always been the big duh of climate and clean energy policy: How ‘bout we start by ending public giveaways to extremely profitable businesses who will use our money to make the problem worse?

Clean energy reform is hard enough, swimming against the killer tides of free carbon dumping, car-centered development, and oil-soaked politics.  Can we puhleeze stop adding insult to injury by targeting scarce public money toward digging the hole deeper?

What better place for the Congressional “super committee” to start reducing the deficit?  What better way for elected leaders in Washington D.C. to show us who they really work for?

Here’s the letter to super committee Co-Chairs Sen Patty Murray and Rep Jeb Hensarling making the case.

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